Blank Tile

There are two blank tiles in a game of scrabble but they are not worth any points at all. This is because these tiles can be used for any letter at all, whether you want to play a consonant or a vowel. The blank tile is a great option if you can use a high pointed piece on a bonus tile and need the extra letter that you do not have.

However, it is worth being careful with the blank tiles. Because they are not worth anything at all, there is no point in playing them on a bonus square. There is also no point in playing them on their own to add to the end of words. This will just be a waste. If you have the piece left over at the end of the game, no points will be added to your score, which is something to think about.

The blank tiles are usually best if you are looking for extra vowels, since you will not be losing out on too many points. However, you can also benefit by using them for low pointed consonants, such as Ns, Ts and even Rs. This is something worth thinking about, especially if you are struggling with a round and just need to get rid of some tiles to pick up some news ones.

The problem with the blank tiles is that you are not guaranteed to come across one in a game of scrabble. There are only two in a game, so you will have to be lucky to get one. Do not plan your game with getting one in mind. However, you may just be lucky enough to come across both of them in a game.