Scrabble Help Tips – Anamonics

In the world of competitive scrabble playing and tournaments, you cannot just simply walk in expecting to win without some kind of strategy. Usually most professional players have some form of scrabble help or technique that will aid them in assuring that the game is in the bag. There are numerous ways on how you can get an advantage when playing scrabble. It is a strategy game that employs more than one method to create the best scoring words and the challenge does not end there, you need to incorporate these different techniques to maximize your win.

In this article, we are going to tackle one of the commonly used scrabble help techniques, the anamonics. This word actually comes from the fusion of two other words namely anagram and mnemonics. The general idea about anamonics is that it is composed of two words: the main word consisting of about at least six letters while the second one is a word that can be compatible with any of the letters coming from the first word. This basically gives the player the advantage of mixing letters in order to produce a number of new words.

So now that we’ve defined the concept of anamonics let’s go on to its purpose. By finding the right combination, you can create the highest yielding word with your letter tiles. Aside from this advantage, it also helps the player to quickly determine if there is a chance of creating a word with this particular combination. Anamonics can help a player save time in this manner. Remember that the first word in the phrase is always the stem and the second one is the branch which aids to check whether a combination will make sense or not. Nifty technique isn’t it?

As with any of the other techniques involved with playing scrabble, this also requires some mechanical memory work as well as technical thinking. Of course, you can come up with your own anamonics, or use pre-made ones.

The use of anamonics is a great tool in order to maximize not only your points but your time as well. This can also give you a better vocabulary to work with. Anamonics is quite a technique but one has to realize that it cannot be learned overnight. This type of method takes time to get used to so you need a lot of patience and perseverance in order to master the technique.

Scrabble is always a game involving how quickly you think and come up with the best word and most strategic word to lay. It challenges the mind to push beyond borders and with anamonics, you can make pushing those borders much easier. Memory work can be overwhelming when you’re just trying to memorize and familiarize everything but when you come up with a scrabble help technique such as anamonics, you will find yourself remembering those words better and winning those game more and more!