Letter V

The letter V is the 21st letter of the English alphabet and is something that has a big history. Like the letter U, this is something that was based on the Semitic letter Waw. It is also based on the Greek letter Upsilon, which was actually used as a Y.

At one time, in the Middle Ages, the U and V were very closely related and were commonly used in words, that would seem backwards to us now. For example, Upon would have been written as Vpon. This was slightly due to the fact that there was no capital U in the alphabet. However, as this changed, the U and V were changed and the distinguish between the consonant and vowels.

The letter V is also part of roman numerals. The letter V is the number 5. This was developed because as the notches were made to count, the fifth one always made a V style.

V is not a commonly used letter in the English alphabet, but it is more common in the Spanish language. This is the reason why the letter V has four points in a game of scrabble. There are only two letters so you may not pick one up. You will need to think carefully about playing it.