Letter P

The letter P is the 16th letter in the English alphabet and is from the Phoenician alphabet – P. It also comes from the Ancient Greek alphabet – the letter Pi, which is commonly used in mathematics as the infinite number 3.1415...

Words that start with the letter P in the English language can commonly be used with Im or In to work as a prefix. So pulse can be turned into impulse.

The letter P has one look, whether in the upper case or the lower case form. It is just a vertical line with a loop at the top. It is also considered to be an upside down, lower case B.

The letter P usually has the sound of “pee” or “peh” but there are times that that sound can be changed. This is done by putting other letters afterwards, especially a H. When the Ph is written, it has the sound of an F, which is commonly mistaken for some people. This has been where the development in the English language was seen since many words written ph were original written with an f.

P is the name of a computer programming language and is commonly used as part of a emoticon with a :. The :p is the look of someone cheekily sticking their tongue out.

There are two Ps in a came of scrabble and they yield three points. This may be something that you want to look at using on some of the bonus tiles, depending on how far into the game you are.