Letter O

The letter O is the 15th letter in the alphabet and the fourth vowel. This has been taken from the Semitic alphabet and is from the letter Ayin, which was denoted with an eye. This was taken from the Egyptian hieroglyph for the Eye.

The letter was changed when it came to the Ancient Greeks. There are thoughts that it came from the letter Omega, which was the last letter in the alphabet. However, this was the meaning for large O and was used for the longer sound. When it came to the shorter sound, the small O letter was used – Omicron.

O is the fourth most commonly used letter in the English language and has two sounds, as mentioned above. The sound depends on the different letters that surround the O in different words. For example, if a vowel follows the O the general rule is that it will have a longer sound, when there is a consonant, there is usually a shorter sound.

The letter O is commonly used with vowel, especially I, U and A. However, some of this changes depending on the type of English language. For example, the US English is less likely to use the U after an O at the end of words like Labor and favorite. But in the UK and Canadian English Labour and Favourite are written.

Like most other vowel, the O only has one point and there are eight of them. It makes it less beneficial to place the letter on one of the bonus tiles if you can help it. Unfortunately, the O cannot usually be added to words on its own, you will usually needs other letters to help you out.