Letter G

G is found in position seven of the alphabet. This letter was introduced by a Spurius Carvilius Ruga, a Roman who started the first known fee-based School in Ancient Rome. The purpose of G was to be a variant of the letter C, to be used as a voiced /g/ sound. In modern english, the letter can be used both in a soft and hard way, for example in the word "giant" (soft), or in the word "game" (hard).

There are different options when it comes to writing the letters – both upper case and lower case. The lower case can be written with a one story or two story form. The single story usually has an open tail but can also double back on itself for joined writing purposes. It is the most common one when it comes to handwriting. The double story option has a looped tail but cannot double back as easily for joined handwriting.

The upper case letters start off looking like a C but usually have a vertical – and possible a horizontal – line at the bottom curl.

The general rule is that the G will have a soft sound if it precedes as E, I or a Y. If there is anything else, it will have the harder sound. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and words like margarine had a soft sound to them, even though an A follows the G. This is commonly noticed in the Romance languages, such as French, Italian and Spanish. The letter G is not present in all alphabets and languages for various reasons.

G is also a musical note and comes after F. In fact, it is the last musical note before the notes go back to the start of the alphabet onto A. The G is sometimes followed by a sharp or flat sign to denote whether it is a semitone higher or lower than the note. There are also the keys of G and G minor, which are fairly common – any of the others such as G flat and G sharp are not as common.

There are only 3 G among the Scrabble letters, and they yield 2 points each. This is a letter to use when it comes to making verbs longer by adding ING at the end. This is the most common way that the letter can be used in the English language. Other than that, there are some great words that can be used over bonus tiles if you think well.